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Budwood Supply

Auscitrus supplies two categories of budwood:

Premium - all new varieties released from plant quarantine and most commercially grown varieties are supplied as premium status budwood. Source trees are subjected to routine indexing for certain pathogens (eg citrus exocortis viroid and psorosis virus).

Standard - standard varieties are usually of minor commercial importance or backyard varieties such as cumquats, kaffir lime and Meyer lemon. some carry minor pathogens and are supplied as "best available" because no pathogen-free source of the variety exists in Australia.

Pricing Categories

P1 - Premium - recently imported varieties of high health status. These are at the highest cost per bud as they are in high demand/low supply. Much of the budwood for these varieties will come from nursery rapid multiplication, which is more expensive than field production of budwood. Due to the nature of supply of these varieties certain disclaimers must be acknowledged on the order form.

P3 - Premium - High health status established varieties. These are at the base level of pricing.

S2 - Standard - Citrus varieties that may not be subjected to regular disease testing, and usually not commercially planted varieties. Pricing as per P3 - Premium.

Order forms are updated twice per year, with new forms released in Winter for Spring budwood supply, and in early Summer for late Summer/Autumn budwood supply. Old order forms are redundant after the new forms are released.

Budwood Availability

Australian Customers

Budwood is cut throughout the year as required, but generally takes place from September through to April. Budwood is despatched only on receipt of a completed Auscitrus order form.

Closing dates for orders are 31st July for spring/summer budwood and 31st December for autumn budwood each year. In the event of a shortage of budwood of a variety, orders will be filled on a percentage basis.

There is a minimum charge of $25 per variety plus postage & handling.

The purchaser must pay all freight or postage and interstate quarantine fees.

Overseas Customers
Budwood is also available to growers outside Australia if the requests do not conflict with Australian requirements.  It is the customers responsibility to determine all phytosanitary requirements from their local authorities.

For overseas customers the price per bud is as per the order forms, less the Goods and Service tax (GST), but with a handling charge of AU$150 per order on top of the budwood costs and postage/quarantine fees.

Closing dates for orders are as for Australian customers (see above). The purchaser must also arrange for all needed importation permits and must pay all postage and fees if a Phytosanitary Certificate is required.

Payment is required in Australian currency via bank transfer before budwood is dispatched.

Please note that citrus tristeza virus (CTV) is endemic in Australia and budwood supplied from field sources will carry the virus. If you require small quantities of CTV-free budwood, you must specify this and the budwood will be supplied from the repository for virus-free citrus.

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