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Rootstock Seed Supply

Auscitrus supplies high quality citrus rootstock seed to Australian citrus nurseries and growers. All rootstock seed supplied by Auscitrus is sourced from clonally propagated, true to type trees, thus reducing the chance of genetic variability when compared to seed obtained from seedling trees. Seed source plantings are currently located at Dareton in New South Wales and at Monash in South Australia.

All seed source trees are tested for freedom from the seed transmitted psorosis virus. Seed is heat treated, surface sterilised, then treated with fungicide to eliminate harmful seed surface contaminants eg citrus pathogens such as Phytophthora spp., or fungi which inhibit germination or cause albinism.

To maximise seed viability, Auscitrus pays careful attention to all aspects of harvesting, seed extraction, hot water treatment, drying and fungicide application, together with correct storage conditions and care in consignment.

Rootstock varieties in high demand are Poncirus trifoliata, Troyer citrange, Carrizo citrange, Swingle citrumelo, Rough lemon and Benton citrange. There is also periodical demand for Flying Dragon, Sweet orange and Cleopatra mandarin and growing demand for newer varieties such as Cox mandarin hybrid and C35 citrange. Auscitrus also supplies seed from a range of varieties with minor commercial importance.

All seed supplied by Auscitrus is germination tested after extraction, and routinely during storage.

Where supply of rootstock seed is excess to Australian requirements, Auscitrus can supply seed to overseas customers. Please contact Auscitrus for more information.